Life’s treasure, life’s pleasure
D’Lanier SiLver neeDLe White tea
D’Lanier Silver Needle White Tea harvested directly from one
single private source tea estate owned by InterJaya Group and
located in West Java, Indonesia. The Finest Grand Cru Silver
Needle White Tea with options of exclusive blends are packed
with either health beneficial ingredients, tea patisseries and
other tea-infused delicacies. D’Lanier is pursuing to become
a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of
a more healthier Silver Needle White Tea.
D’Lanier ChoCoLate & ChoCoLate PoWDer Drink
D’Lanier Chocolate & Chocolate Powder Drink acquire its
main ingredient (which is a well fermented cocoa bean) directly
from a selected and exclusive private source of Indonesia
cocoa estates, that some of them are also owned by InterJaya
Group. D’Lanier Chocolate, Chocolate Powder Drinks and
other Chocolate treats are produced from premium and well
fermented cocoa beans. Indonesia, known as the world third
largest producer of Cocoa are also famous for their distinct and
unique characteristics for its cocoa taste and aroma.
The Grand Cru Cocoa & Chocolate and exclusive blends,
are delicately developed by our very own professional and
well-experienced R&D Teams, invent a new experience of
genuine goodness of Indonesian Cocoa & Chocolate produced.
D’Lanier arabiCa Coffee
D’Lanier Arabica Coffee source only the best Indonesia Arabica
Coffee Beans from a single, exclusive and private estate located
in West Java. D’Lanier believes, farmers who has the factual
knowledge in manually hand-picked the precise ripeness
of the coffee beans, since only ripened coffee beans can unfold
their specific aroma and flavour during the roasting process,
and the roaster using the adequate roasting method
are the most critical stages in determining the best quality
of a good coffee. Indonesia is known as the 4
largest coffee
producer in the world. Our partnership with farmers,
top-class grader, roaster and sommelier maintains their
persistency in achieving the best quality of D’Lanier
Arabica Coffee. D’Lanier Coffee are ideally prepared without
milk and sugar, and serve warm but not hot.
D’Lanier was established in Indonesia on 2016. D’Lanier is a part of InterJaya Group which creates a luxury concept that incorporates premium,
unique and original retail products. A veritable luxury and premium retail products of D’Lanier emphasizing the unique and delectable of Indonesia produced.
Excellence expertise, vision and passion is the core and the soul of D’Lanier brand. Exploring and fusing quality, luxury and authenticity from every corner of Indonesia is our commitment for appreciating
the multi cultures that builds Indonesia and our Company. It’s our holistic approached that unites all product categories with one characteristic identity – the belief that pleasure in an object of luxury and premium
combined with the highest quality intensifies your sense of living fully.