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Dried Mango ( 100gr ) IDR 50.000,00 / Pcs
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Product Description

A carefully selected and well ripened Mango known for each fine texture and exotic flavour. An ideal fruit snacks for all occasion.
Dried Coconut Strip ( 100gr ) Dried Coconut Strip ( 100gr ) IDR 44.000,00/ jar Delicately harvested young Coconut. Dried to perfection. Perfect for snacks and ideal for baking.
Texturized Soursop ( 100gr ) Texturized Soursop ( 100gr ) IDR 30.000,00/ jar A ripe Soursop (Sirsak) texturized to bring out a distinct fruit sweet pungent aroma, creamy white flesh and sweet & sour flavour.
Texturize Mango Tamarind (100g... Texturize Mango Tamarind (100gr) IDR 34.000,00/ jar A versatile fusion of a texturized Mango and Tamarind (Asam Jawa).