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Dried Coconut Strip ( 100gr ) IDR 44.000,00 / Pcs
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Product Description

Delicately harvested young Coconut. Dried to perfection. Perfect for snacks and ideal for baking.
Texturized Soursop ( 100gr ) Texturized Soursop ( 100gr ) IDR 30.000,00/ jar A ripe Soursop (Sirsak) texturized to bring out a distinct fruit sweet pungent aroma, creamy white flesh and sweet & sour flavour.
Dried Mango ( 100gr ) Dried Mango ( 100gr ) IDR 50.000,00/ jar A carefully selected and well ripened Mango known for each fine texture and exotic flavour. An ideal fruit snacks for all occasion.
Texturize Mango Tamarind (100g... Texturize Mango Tamarind (100gr) IDR 34.000,00/ jar A versatile fusion of a texturized Mango and Tamarind (Asam Jawa).