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Granola Healthy Crunch Rejuven... Granola Healthy Crunch Rejuvenating Health (50gr) IDR 18.000,00
IDR 16.200,00 / Pcs Consider as “SUPER FOOD”, A blend of Health beneficial ingredients such as Cocoa Nibs, Chia Seeds & Goji Berry blended with rolled Oats served as...
Granola Healthy Crunch Healthy... Granola Healthy Crunch Healthy Delight (50gr) IDR 18.000,00
IDR 16.200,00 / Pcs A fusion of Oats, Rice Crispies, Exotic Seeds, Dried Blueberries & Cranberries. These are loaded with Nutrients, Antioxidant, and High in Protein...
Granola Healthy Crunch Energy... Granola Healthy Crunch Energy Boost (50gr) IDR 18.000,00
IDR 16.200,00 / Pcs A Healthy & Energy Booster snacking granola Blended with Cranberries, Mango, Raisins, Almond & Other nuts glazed with pure Caramelized Javanes...
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